Where The Hunter can become the hunted!

 Paintball at our facility is scenario based - multiple missions with different objectives on different fields. Saturday's reservation only. Sunday's are walk on big game days. Must be 13 years or older to play. Barrel sleeves are required.



Must be 13 years old to play.

 Barrel sleeves are required. We repair most guns.

Phone 641.330.5305   Call between 8AM to 8PM

 A 25 acre paintball facility with scenario based games.  Large fields with exstensive urban warfare, a POW camp with guard towers, large forts, a 110 foot bridge spanning a creek in heavy timber. Missions include CQB, search and destroy, protection/extraction, search/rescue, and infantry assualt. Experience the chaos of the battlefield where your skills at communication and tactics can instantly decide your fate.
Full auto is allowed, grenades are essential for these objective bases games.
Paintball season is the first week in April thru the last weekend in October. Referee's oversee the battlefield and enforce the rules of play. Sign a waiver of liability each time you play. Barrel Sleeves are required.

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